Watch Video to Get Gold SpinTokens in Coin Party Carnival Pusher iPhone

Mindstorm Studios has a new coin dozer game dedicated to the ios and android users which is called as Coin Party: Carnival Pusher

coin party carnival pusher walkthrough ios android

Along the game, all you will do is to simply drop coins to get more coins
In the way of collecting coins, you will be able to use power-ups and collect prizes than you can do by completing quests.

Besides, you will deal with the pusher whereby many coins push off of the front as opposed to pushing off of the sides.
To solve this just drop coins side-by-side, five at a time, to make the game drop coins fast

Sometimes, you may run out of coins, which you can get back by watching the ad videos
In accordance with this, just tap the plus button next to the coin counter to start watching videos for free coins.
Every time, you have watched the ad video, you will get 20 coins

Then, go to the coin shop to allow you to earn coins, bucks, gold bars, potions and spin tokens freely
As usual, all you will do there is to watch the ad videos.
To increase bonus collection, just tap on the flying treasure boxes when seeing them on the board.

On the other side, you will also get to complete the quests for more additional prizes.
According to this, just go to your recent prize table showing you what to collect there
If you know it, just collect the object by dropping it off of the front of the coin pusher.

After completing one prize table, you will see the other prizes tables to open
Moreover, you will get a chance to collect gold bars and other premium stuff

As said earlier, you will be allowed to use power ups to get more coins
At this point, if you have potions, just get use the power-ups wisely.
Having the coin cannon will be useful to get coins cascading down the front of the board and into the pit
Make sure to do this when you have a full board

If you use the mega dozer, the coins will fly off of the side of the level
Anyway, you can control whit by activating a coin shield first.
In other words, be sure to always a coin shield first before suing the mega dozer.


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