Watch Video to Get Gold Gems Spins in Soda Dozer Coins Pusher iPhone

Soda Dozer: Coin Pusher from Mindstorm Studios is included into the newest series pf the smash hit coin dozer or pusher games, that you may have owned on your ios and android devices

soda dozer coin pusher walkthrough ios android

In this game, all you will do is to push coins forward off of the ledge, win prizes, complete quests, then unlock and use power-ups to help you complete the level

When performing your action, you will be able to put down up to five coins at a time before those coins recharge again
And, place them down in a variety of configurations such as side by side, as evenly as possible
If you can do so well, they will go right next to each other without overlap.

Sometimes, you may run out of coins, where you can get them again by tapping on the coin counter and the video button.
There, you will be served with a video to be watched for coins in exchange.

Moreover, you will also get free spins form watching advertisement videos there.
These spins will give you a big chance to get some prizes in form of coins, cash, gold and gems, the main currencies of this game

Later on, you may have to go to the upgrade menu where you can spend your prizes or gold to increase your coin take.
You may get your prizes sold for having instant coins
Anyway, it will be a good way to save them on an upgrade which will give you a permanent prize.

You can then use your shake prizes to get big coin gains
But they may take a long time to get back, since each one also costs a specific prize collection or gold


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