Watch Sponsors Videos to Get More Acorns in Hammy Go Round iPhone

Happymagenta has presented endless runner game coming with some interesting things with its structure which is bundled in Hammy Go Round game

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Later on, playing in this game will get you to run on one giant hamster wheel.
Here, there will days where the hamster is running on an unbelievably long and treacherous open field hamster wheel.

Along the game, you will leap over gaps and roll under spiders, while gathering up acorns along the way
Here, you will have more time for your next run, in which you should get power-ups to get further along.

In each level, jumping is the main key here, in which you have to do it properly
When you jump in the air, you will see a big of lag as your legs kick up.
Then, you will come down faster than you rose due to the force of gravity working with you instead of against you.
In line with this, you will really need room or time to atart your jumps so that you will fall faster than you expect.

On the other side, this game will also offer you some free stuff such as acorns, the main currency of this game that you can collect in some ways

By liking the developer`s Facebook page, you will be rewarded a bunch of thousand acorns.
To get this same 1000 acorns from scratch, you will have to play 20-30 times.
So just like their Facebook page to get more of them.

Except liking their Facebook page, you will simply watch banners and videos to get 1000 acorns
Later on, you should quickly proceed to enjoy the available banners at 20 acorns apiece
And, watching the videos at 50 acorns each.
Here, the banners will be a no-brainer as they only take 2 seconds to open and close.

In related to some acorns that you have collected through the game, you should invest them to get extra time so that you will keep running while collecting acorns along the way.

Time is the most precious thing here, which you cannot get back after you have spent it in the level.
Furthermore, you can also use your acorns to level up your Time power-up that will allow you to play for longer periods of time, get further, and collect more acorns.
Doing this is the absolute most important upgrade in this game.

During the game, always look at the middle of the screen.
In accordance with this, you will early take a couple dozen level runs before going to the next levels.
By playing while looking at the middle of the screen, you will have more time to deal with upcoming obstacles, so that you can prevent the hammer from tripping up on stumps.


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