Watch Sponsored Videos to Get Bacon and Coins in Block Amok Android

PlayScape has offered a cartoony puzzle smashing game wrapped in Block Amok where you can play as a sheep to drive trains, smash structures, solve puzzles, and shoot silly cows as well

block amok farmland havoc walkthrough ios android

On the other words, this game is about smashing structures in which there is some crazy block
structures that change constantly
These structures will later on create a new puzzle every time.

In line with this, it is the time for sheep to smash block puzzles, especially when given supply crates
for extra demolition

To solve the puzzle and demolish the level, you can get helped from the cows that graze in the field
Here, you will only have a limited amount of shots, so take aim before you shoot

Jut try to topple many blocks to win the stage.
you can also use movement buttons to move your train.

To aim before shooting, you can touch and drag anywhere to aim your weapon at your enemies.
On the other side, this game also offers you to earn Free Stuffs

To access daily puzzle, you can come back every day for a new challenge
Meanwhile, you can also get a chance to collect coins everyday, that you can do as in the following lines

Watching a promotional video from the developer will usually earn you some coins.
Just like this game on facebook to collect extra coins.
Also, like All Caps of this game on facebook to get coins.

Except coins, you will also be assigned to gather up bacon
For such reasons, you can compete with your friends to collect bacon
You can also combine your free stuff and bacon to win 3X PiggyBank.

In addition, as stated before watching promotional videos will earn you some coins for free
Moreover, you can also get Start Boost by watching some sponsored videos offered by the developer


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