Watch Promotional Videos to Earn Free Coins in Drive Ahead! iPhone

Drive Ahead from Bwar can be said as a new competitive head-smasher that is specifically designed for the iOS platform.

drive ahead walkthrough ios android

In this game, all you will do is merely to run over the other guy’s head, and if you can run over the other person’s head five times, you will win the game and earn coins.
Also, you are assigned to collect a ton of different stages, as well as cars and overcome obstacles in each stage.

Unlocking different cars can perform differently in this game, especially for a longer vehicle, as you can rear up on your rear wheels, lift your front wheels off of the ground and then get an easy smash toward your rival.
You can use this kind of vehicle to beat a shorter rival`s car.

Anyway, using small car will also give you an advantage as well.
If you use the motorcycle, you are a small target, and you can use your opponent’s aggression against them.

At that point, if they are a little too crazy, you can brake before they expect to hit you so that it will make them go flying over your head and off of the size of the stage or into the wall that will give you red scores.

On the other side, the casino will have a different chance to win based on how much cash you have.
Just try to keep it at 100 through until the winning chance drops below around 50 in the stage, as you will still have a big chance of winning the stage.
In the mean time, you can then start to ratchet up the amount that you bet with coins.

This game will also assign you to collect coins as much as you can
After going through five game round, you will be served with a video to watch for free coins
Here, every time you watch video, you will be granted with 30 coins, which you can use in the casino.
So, just watch as many advertisement videos as possible to have a chance to unlock many cars and levels.

In addition, if you want to get your champion in each stage, you can be the most aggressive racer on the course with your car especially for long one.


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