Watch Ads Videos to Get Free Gold Casino Chips in Cartel Kings iPhone

Mobile Gaming Studios has launched Cartel Kings where you will be brought to start your own cartel, grow in power, and take over the entire town for gold and cash.

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To complete each mission, you will have to try to win battles against the police force and against other players, then build up your city and its defenses, and eventually take over the city.

In this game, when you get involved in a gun battle, just put the game into frenzy mode, so that your character will engage in gun battles automatically.
And, this mode will be vastly inferior to doing all of your old aiming.

Anyway, you can simply turn on frenzy mode and aim the weapon yourself as well.
As usual, this game will assign you to collect a bunch of cash and gold as much as you can

In line with this, you can use the counterfeiter once a day to get a whole bunch of extra cash.
Just swipe up with both thumbs, one in front of the other to earn the highest amount of cash as quick as possible.

If you can swipe faster, you will have higher multiplier so that you will get a chance to get more other bonuses such as gold and casino chips that you can earn.

Here, gold and casino chips are the two premium currencies of this game
And, you can get one of them in a different way.

You can collect gold through the completion of missions, found on the map, or as a reward for completing the various asks in the game.

Meanwhile, you can gather casino chips by tapping on the drive-in theater on your map
Or you can merely watch advertisement videos to get more of them.
Evey time you watch ad video you will earn one casino chip for free.

In related to the cash, every time you have successfully completed each mission, you will be given with certain amount of cash

Once getting enough cash, you can spend them to constantly purchase improvements for your gun.
At this point, you can purchase new parts for your gun and you can increase the damage that the gun does overall as well as the size of the clip.
Doing this is really important as while bonus guns in your random loadout will run out, your permanent gun will always accompany you through the entire round.

When you hit experience level nine, you can then join a cartel.
Once being a part of them, you and your friends can send equipment back-and-forth with each other
Also, you can help each other accomplish missions for more bonus rewards.
Again, doing this will be vital since the missions will show up on the map

And, if you do not have the right equipment to help, you will not be able to earn any bonuses there.
So, joining a cartel will give you an advantage such as sending back and forth the right weapons for specific mission


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