Watch Ad Videos to Get More Coffee in Donut Dazzle iPhone

Donut Dazzle from Cloud5Labs a new fast-paced match-4 puzzle game which is recently deicated to the ios users and it may go to the android as well

donut dazzle walkthrough ios android

Along the game, all you will do is to tap to rotate donuts while matching 4 objects to clear them to gain high points and coffee.

In other words, you will merely match donuts to go to the highest level, while getting coffee and donuts as much as you can.

With these coffee and donuts, you can get all sorts of power-ups to help you stay alive as the levels speed up.

In order to get some matches, you must try to make combos to level up fast
During in your match of donuts, they will start off moving slowly and they will get faster and faster once you have moved up to higher levels.

Sometimes, they will stop moving downward by tapping the screen rapidly.
So, you must consider to decide which direction to turn the donut.

If you swipe them down it will cause them to fall rapidly, so you must swipe fast to get everything worked well

You may try swiping them in the middle, rather than towards the sides, bottom or top of the screen to go to other direction

Later on, you will have a specific goal to complete for collecting coffee and donuts.
To get them more, just go to the store menu and check the right of the bundle to watch the promotional videos for either coffee or donuts.

With coffee, you can buy various power-ups, items and themes.
Those power ups and items will help you make some combos
And, themes will change the appearance of the game

In order to get free power ups, you can can watch a video served by the developer
Make sure to enable your internet connection to watch the ad videos


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