War Bonds Cheats Pocket Platoons iPhone

In this a new strategy war game, Pocket Platoons, you will be able to draft and command your troop consisting of WWII soldiers, tanks, machine guns, and artillery to battle your enemies for glory and war bonds, the premium currency of this game.

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Besides, you will also be tasked to build and fortify your base, train the troops, plan your attack, and control the front line in challenging campaigns of over 180 missions

To power up your troops, you will have to train 29 distinct combat units, and customize each unit for your play style.
Also, you have to gather up blueprints from battles and get the best weapons while building up a defensive strategy to turn your base into the ultimate command center.

Along the game, you will need gain exp by constructing buildings, producing resources, and fighting enemies to level up your soldier.
Thus, if you have higher level, you will have more buildings and units

On the other side, you will need energy that will let you use strategies during battles.
Your energy can regenerate slowly, but you can speed it up with a power plant or you can help your friends maintain and defend their bases.
If you want to get instant energy, you can also purchase them in the Shop.

You will also need supplies to deploy combat units and carry out operations.
So, you must build supply depots to increase your capacity and you can produce more of them in factories

Except supplies, you will also need fuel to produce and deploy certain combat units.
You will get fuel by building refineries on oil fields
Having fuel tanks can increase how much fuel you can store.

You will also have to collect gold to supply your troops and you can get them from numerous other sources in the game.

Once going through some areas in the game, you will level up and you can expand your base into bigger one.
Be sure to construct buildings such as oil fields, which produce fuel, then pay attention when expanding your base.

In this game, every combat unit will have a population value in which you will not be able to own more units than your population limit.
At this point, your certain buildings can increase the population limit in the game.

In addition, this game will feature war bonds which can be said as a premium currency of this game
This special currency will be hard to get in the game

But, you can still get them for free by completing certain mission and winning the combat with enemies online

Later on, once you have go through some special mission, you will be rewarded with few war bonds as rewards
Or, if you want to get them instantly, you can purchase them through iaps


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