Walkthrough Guides of Aralon Forge and Flame iPhone

Crescent Moon Games has just launched their new game on the apple store called as Aralon Forge and Flame which can be said as a pseudo-action RPG with several hours of adventure inside

aralon forge and flame basic guides apple watch android

Early on the game, you will pick your warrior taken from races
Then, you will have to rank up the Fury, which is the strongest characters in this game

You will have to level up this ability by increasing your effective strength for 19 seconds, which will multiply all strength values on your hero for 19 seconds.

Later on, you will have to put all your stat points into strength with Fury active
If this ability has been activated, all you will do is to put one skill point into the strength attribute that is the equivalent of putting nine skill points into strength.
Doing so will give you 8 free strength points every time you level up.

On the other side, you will have to complete some quests which will get you to collect one or more of a particular item dropped by an enemy

Sometimes, you will be tasked to talk to someone in one of the few towns, or eliminate a target during your mission.

In the beginning of the game, you will be served with side quests which will get you to do something such as fishing or swimming
Afterward, you will need to get involved in the combat either with melee attacks or using ranged abilities such as bows or spells

You will also get to explore areas full of a magma-filled cavern, enemies on parallel walkways
In line with this, you will also have to beat the final boss with a spike shield


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