Walkthrough and Startegy of Space Grunts iPhone

Few days ago, Space Grunts was still in the progress by Orange Pixel to be prepared for the premier launch on the apple store

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And, now, this game, Space Grunts has come to the apple store and it is ready for download on your phone

Seemingly, this game takes a fast paced arcade action game with turn-based gameplay

In this game, you will play one out of a team to find your way into the moon-base, and reveal the secret to what has happened there.

There, you will get to fight your way through aliens, robots, security drones and base-systems.
Here, you will have to find the lower levels of the moon-base, and get the solution to that matter.

During in your mission, you will find a bunch of consumables in all over the moon base including weapon enhancers, destructive toys, armor, explosives, system-hacks, and more.
Once collecting them, you can use the items wisely to get deeper into the moon-base.

Early on, you can use three standard Grunt weapons then enhance them for more fire-power and range.
On the other side, you can also find alternate weapons, and melee weapons to beat all standing enemies there

With all various weapons you have, you can now get a chance to complete the game, anomalies leading to weird places, underground routes, and mysterious items to transport you to other area’s of the moon-base.

Before starting your mission, you are allowed to pick a class among three different classes
The Captain may gravitate to first since he has reasonably tough to deliver damage, and he has ability to find great items.
The Strong-arm can be said as the toughest of the bunch, but he may be pretty lousy at finding items

The Techjunky may be weak when it comes to firepower
However, he is really capable of using items and finding them.
You can use her when you want to take a more tactical approach.

As a turn-based arcade action game, you will not need to rush since the enemies will only move when you move.
Thus, before making any step, make sure to take a look at the location for your foes

When getting involved in the gun battle, you can change weapons from time to time.
Here, you will be equipped with a typical all-rounder gun, a close up crowbar type attack, a laser beam, and an area effect attack which will really helpful when dealing with large enemies in the battlefield.

Using the laser beam will allow you to strike at a bunch of enemies in a row
Moreover, you can use this when getting stuck in a corridor with enemies ahead of you.

Meanwhile, using the frag grenade will also be a good choice to blast groups of enemies at once
But, it can hurt you, as well as blow up other things in the room whereby make sure to use this sparingly.

Later on, if you ignite a radiation pod, you will succumb to it, in which you must keep your health at this time

And, the most important thing to survive in the game is to watch on your health during in your mission
In line with this, be sure to always bring a health pack any time you see one on the location


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