Violet Gems for High Score Cheats Temple Toad iPhone

Temple Toad from Dockyard Games is one game that will get you to jump and run
In other words, all you will do is jumping and running to finish the game and collect gems as rewards that you can use to unlock 17 different hats with special powers

temple toad walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will guide the toad to jump its way through different and challenging environments.
To play this game is easy, as you will merely tap on the screen to move and jump forward.
When performing your action, you need to follow the invisible line.

Since you cannot jump as high as you want to move forward, you can tap on the screen only when you know you can reach the other side.
And, you can also tap later for shorter jumps.

Every stage here will provide sticky situations where you will have to work on and increase your multiplier to finish each stage.

Sometimes, you may watch your score explode and reach new heights by simply knocking the scarabs off the platforms and into the lava waiting below.

Besides, you will also have to try to achieve the highest scores, and complete all the achievements to prove that you are the best one in this game.
You can achieve those achievements by completing all the goals and finishing several skill-based challenges.

On the other side, you may think to go for high score or gems
This option is based you need, in which if you want to get Frog Avatars, you will have to go for collecting some more gems.
And, if you want to have a high score in this game, you must try to survive longer in a single run.

Anyway, the gems in this game will be categorized into blue, red and violet
Blue gem will be worth 1 gem
Red gem is worth 5 gems
Violet gem is worth 10 gems
To get them, they are randomly placed in a single run
But, lower worth gems will have more chance to appear than higher worth gems such as the violet ones.

Meanwhile, in order to increase your score multiplier by 1 in each stage, be sure you get 4 or 5 frog multipliers to get a high score here.

As an illustration if you have got 5 frog multipliers, your next jump platform will be worth 5 scores.
In line with this, you may have to aim for 4-5 frog multipliers.
Getting more than 5 frog multipliers will almost be impossible as there will be no time left if you go for the 6th frog multiplier.

When aiming the multipliers, your aim transparency will reduce for every score you got until it disappear completely.
This will be around 70-80 score for the Aim Guide transparency to be disappear completely.
And, if you have gained 70 score and more for a few times, you can time the frogs jump without using Aim Guide anymore.
So, it will rely on your practice to master the game for getting high score and gems.


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