VC Credits for Rare Cards in My NBA 2K16 iPhone

If you are basketball lovers, you may have to play the recent game from 2K called as My NBA 2K16 which you can play on mobile platforms

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Along with this game, it features a card-battling game where you can purchase, sell and trade cards, then battle against other players to see whose team is the solid one.

Early on the game, all of your cards will be out of position in the starting lineup.
At this point, you will see that centers will be placed in the point guard position
Meanwhile, shooting guards will be placed in the shooting forward position, and soon.

To manage them, you can simply go to your lineup and swap characters back and forth with other current-party players
If you can do so well, you will get them to the right positions that will be useful for having an instant stat boost.
Later on, when you are about to add new players, be sure that they are always in the right position.

Here, you will begin with common cards, then you will go to uncommon, rare, super-rare, ultra-rare, legendary and epic cards.

To play the game, you will have to manage your strategy by putting your rarest card first, and your weaker cards after that put your cards in order of strongest to weakest line.

On the other side, you can also apply your own method by putting your weakest card first, and your strongest, then your second, third, and soon.
With this method, you will usually lose at the first round, then you will get your victory in the next three quarters in the game.

In related to the rarity of the card`s collection, you can get them if you have Credits or Reward Points, which you will get after you have experienced in the battle with other teams in the game

This game will always feature credits or VC, which you can get within the game after you log in the game regularly
Besides, you can get them by purchasing them within the IAP store.

For further, you can also get new cards through the auction house
When being here, just try to search for the best deals only
Do not look the cards based on the rarity but you must consider the card by position.

At this point, if you have got some rares cards with the same position, you can try auctioning one of them as high as you can for rewards points
Besides, you can also use the Reward Points that you have collected from the sale to search another player in a position that you have.

According to this, you can also sell multiples of the same rarity and use credits to get one card of the next rarity up.

In addition, you will also have to boost your card with any card that is not in either your season deck or your quick games deck as charging fodder

In line with this, you will be able to charge using multiple players at a time
At this time, try to do four charges with four players for charging fodder
Doing all of this will make you upgrade all four stats in balance.


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