Use Super Balls Boost to Get More Crystals in Smash Hit Premium iPhone

Mediocre AB has launched Smash Hit as an addicting arcade game on the apple store and this game is also going into android users as well

smash hit walkthrough ios android

Playing in this game will take you on a surreal journey through an otherworldly dimension, and you will also have to smash obstacles as you move in harmony with sound.

When playing the game, you have to stay focused on the game, as timing is everything when it comes to gaining the best distance and breaking those obstacles in each given level.

Later on, you will also go through over 50 rooms that come along with graphics designs, and distinct and realistic glass-breaking mechanics per stage.

To play this game, you have to focus on the obstacles that are in your path or moving toward your path, and you do not need to waste energy on your end trying to break something that will not hit you after all.

Anyway, it will be good at having as many balls as possible in your possession.
Ans, you can start in the early levels by getting as many as you could
Also, you will need to try collecting all of the crystals where you should get ten in a row so that you will get yourself a double ball, which will be useful to accomplish the level.

Meanwhile, sometimes you will be in the level where you will be up against a wall coming from the top of the screen or from the bottom.
In line with this, it is important to keep your guard up and be prepared to use one of your balls
But, you should only use them when it is absolutely needed.

Later on, you can also be allowed to use Super Balls and Boosts to help you accomplish each level
Super balls and infinite balls are really cool, but do not use them the moment they become available.

The infinite balls can also be handy used in certain situations
To do this, you simply tap and hold to make use of this boost.
Moreover, you will also be given with the other boosts that sound cooler than they actually are, in which you can use the bomb ball and the boost that slows time.

In related to Power-Ups, you have to know and learn about the types of power-ups or boosts.
You should use them when you really need them to accomplish hard level, and when in the attempt to accomplish easy level, you should not use them.


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