Use Power ups to Get More Food in Animoys Ravenous Android

Gamyo Studio has launched its newest arcade action game which is called as Animoys: Ravenous that you can recently play on android devices and it may also run on ios in the next updates

animoys ravenous walkthrough ios android

In this game, all you will do is to guide the party of hungry animals through a lot of amazing levels while collecting all the food along the way.

In other words, you have to feed the hungry animals with delicious fruits, vegetables, and meat that you will meet along the way during in your journey

Along the game, you will simply touch the screen to make different characters leap over obstacles in which you will guide your heroes through jungles, deserts, canyons, snow-covered mountain slopes, and many other bright locations.

Every time, you can complete each level, you will get some points that you can use to get new costumes for the characters.
In line with this, your food that you have collected through the game will determine your points which you can spend in the shop to get powers and unlock something useful for your games.

In the shop, you can get some powerful power ups to help you complete each level
Double Jump will allow your Animoys to perform a double jump to collect food in each stage.
Start is to begin your games with 1 more Animoys.
Tenacious is the leader creature that can kill a carnivorous plant every 60 second.
Voracious is 1 less Animoys whici is needed to eat a small animal.
Smasher allows your Animoys to smash an obstacle such as trunks, rocks, picks for every 360 second.
Resuscitate can resuscitate an Animoys every 360s if the game is over.
Carnivorous will give 20% bonus on the meat that you can collect in the game.
Picker contributes 20% bonus on the fruit that you can get in each stage.
Collecting will give you 20% bonus on food that you can gather in each game.


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