Use Power ups Jump to Get High Score in Race the Sun iPhone

Race the Sun from Flippfly can be categorized into an endless racing game where you will be brought to race you solar-powered hovercraft across a landscape while trying to avoid geometrically-shaped obstacles, and racing against the day.

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To play this game is pretty simple as you will have to race as long as the sun shines
And, once the sun goes down, your craft has no energy source, which will make the race over.

Early on the game, you will firstly learn the controls, and figure out the obstacles in each landscape
Here, the movement controls are touch-sensitive
You will feel it when you touch on the screen to direct your craft that will cause it to turn at varying levels of intensity.

If you tap closer to your ship, the turn will be gentler.
Tapping close to the craft’s right side will make it sway to the right smoothly.
Tapping towards the edge of the screen on the craft’s left side will make it turn as sharp as it can towards the left.

In line with this, your taps will determine further away from the craft increase the sharpness of the turn.

After, playing in some landscapes, you will be able to unlock more abilities, which will make your gameplay experience easier

Once leveling up early on the game, you will unlock your first abilities that is to perform jumps where your craft can launch over some of the game’s lower obstacles in each level.
Later on, you will get in involved in later race landscapes which will be more challenging ones

On the other side, you will also get the jump power-ups which will make you jump by pressing the button popping up at the bottom of the screen
Be sure to tap that button, when a jump is ready or you can use a jump when it is off of a ramp.

At that time, you will not need to be hovering just off the ground to start your jump
Anyway, you can sometimes be in the middle of the air then jump higher off the ground wile avoiding the obstacles in front of your craft.

Also, you can perform double-jump technique that will contribute some advantages
Doing this will be is a great way to stay out of the shadows for an extended period of time
Plus, this double jump will get you to dodge lots of obstacles at once
Moreover, doing that technique will give yourself a good look at the obstacles around so that you can predict what is coming up next.

Playing in later levels will bring you to complete certain objectives that will lead your score into higher

This score that will determine your rank among the players worldwide playing in this game
Sometimes, you will have to collect tris that will increase your score during the race

In this game, every race will be the same, in tat you must learn the layout and try to make a progress further into the level that will make you get high score.


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