Use Power ups Booster to Collect More Coins in Block Slide Rush Android

Playmous has a good game, Block Slide Rush which is a combination of puzzle and runner genres that will bring block-matching, cat-running and stage-beating action that you can play on mobile

super block slide rush tap frenzy walkthrough iphone android

This game is a matching game where you will simply slide blocks to match 3 same colors blocks to get score as high as possible

On the other words, this game is a kind of fast paced puzzle game which brings game mascot run faster to progress to next stages
To get different look for your characters, you can also customize your characters with cat costumes so that your character will be unique one that will also boost new abilities

If you play this game daily, you will get bonus rewards
Also, every time, you have completed daily challenges available in this game, you will be able to get awesome in-game prizes to be even stronger and faster one

For further, to unleash your superpowers, you should activate super blocks tat will get you to score more points

Moreover, gameboosters are also available that you can use to boost your abilities so that you will be able to get the best result
Here, the variety of options will get you to use the different strategies
The main point to play this game is to run fast and far while trying to complete levels in limited time and be the fastest cat amongst others

On the other side, in order to play this game, just follow these instructions
Slide rows is left and right.
Slide columns is up and down.

Later on, you will have to gain further stages to score up more points as well as increasing your Cat level for better results.
Plus, every time you gain a new level in this game, you will be rewarded with coins.
To get more coins booster, make sure to complete daily missions available on this game.

Besides, having some power ups will be extremely useful if you want to boost your coins
With Equalizer, you can arrange blocks according to their type.
Crosser will allow you to use the bomb’s blast wave to remove nearby blocks.
Electro Magnetic will remove 10 random blocks by using the power of a magnet.
meanwhile, Randomizer will randomize all blocks to find new moves.
Score Rampage will limit time 10X multiplier for all points you score.
Power Booster can instantly upgrade 4 random blocks.
And, using Tap Frenzy will allow you to tap on blocks as fast as you can to quickly remove them.


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