Use Flying Ability to Get More Gems Gold Coins in Action Runner iPhone

Action Runner from Tim Bennett is an endless runner game with the combination of running and action in one package where you can perform powerful attacks toward enemies you meet along the way

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During the game, you can also experience special attacks for each character and you can your punch action and charge forward to take out anything standing in your path.

Anyway, every time you run and battle with enemies, you will need stamina
In line with this, if you can take out a monster with it you will be refunded most of the stamina.
Moreover, every time, you can beat enemies, you will be granted with a good amount of points

And, you can also get some coins b beating them in the battlefield
Those coins are useful to upgrade your hero to be the most powerful one

Always, run through each stage to complete it for having more rewards such as gems or gold coins
These gems or gold coins will be really useful to unlock all of the other playable characters in this game

Once getting coins from the game, you can use them to improve your overall stats, flying ability, or punch action ability.
Later on, be sure to upgrade either your stats or you flying ability first that will make you run faster than just running

Sometimes, you should try to stay on the ground as much as possible.
In the mean time, you must also try to recharge stamina to stay alive along the way
And, during in your run, you must try to keep an eye on what will be coming up next.

When running through each stage, you will often see a lot of big floating coins Every time, you see them, just make sure to gather them up
Usually, you will find them in between rows of coins on your run

As said earlier, once getting more coins, you must upgrade your ability
In accordance with this, you have to upgrade your flying ability as your top priority

For further, you can use that ability to get you out of some tight spots
Be sure to use it wisely as it costs more stamina

Thus, just try to complete each stage that will come to more rewards in form of coins or gems to level up your character and upgrade your abilities


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