Use Coupons to Get Rare Cards Pack in Deck Heroes iPhone

Recently, the apple store has been filled up with a new card-battling RPG, in which Deck Heroes made by is the one of new comers that bring RPG inside.

deck heroes basic walkthrough gameplay ipad ipod touch

Playing Deck Heroes is similar to play a cross between Wartune and Hearthstone which have been popular on ios and android

In this game, your main goal is to build up a big deck of powerful cards, and attack them, while collecting extra gems and explore areas such as Selene’ndal then fighting against other players in the PvP online mode.

This game will also assign you to collect as many rare cards as possible
To do this, you can spend gems and coupons on the rare card packs
Then, you can spend coins on the 1-2 star creature card packs as well as they are relatively cheap
And, when you buy a pack of 5 or more, you will get a three-star card go up exponentially.
In line with this, the one and two star cards will be the best to be used as enhancement fodder.

Later on, you have to save up your enhancements for the 3-star cards at minimum.
Instead of spending all of your enhancements on one card, you can enhance multiple cards evenly, so that you can level them up faster
Here, gaining higher levels means more sacrificed cards needed to gain levels and power them up to be the most strongest ones.

On the other side, playing this game will require energy to do some actions along the way
In the way of getting more energy, just add as many friends as possible so that you can send energy back and forth with them.
To get more friends, just access the friends menu, then go to “add friend” and send out all of the add requests that you can.
And, you can have a maximum amount of friends that is equal to your current experience level times two, so that you can send or receive energy that will be a fast way to complete daily quests.

Furthermore, you need to gain a statistical advantage for your card that you can do by pairing your hero cards with creature cards of the same faction.
When doing this, be sure that you have the rarest and most powerful cards in your party as the first priority.
It is caused by element advantage will not be matter too much if your party is filled with an amount of weak cards.

In addition, once going through the stage, you will gain experience levels where you can unlock a whole host of other goodies, such as evolution, and the ability that you can use to enhance your hero cards.

You can also level up quickly, that you can do by replaying older stages
At this point, just go to any previous area that you have already beaten then hit ‘explore’ five times daily.
When doing that action, you will require a lot of energy, but you will gain levels extremely fast as well.


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