Use Bazooka Power ups to Save More People in Maim Street iPhone

Maim Street is the new product of So Choice Softworks as a really fun and addictive game for the ios users recently

maim street walkthrough ios android

Along the game, your main goal is to save some lives and destroy some cars while unlocking all the costumes, power ups and items in the game.

As said earlier, you will have to rescue some pedestrians as much as possible
To do this, be sure to look at the side from where the people come and focus on keeping those who are alive

In the mean time, you must also watch out the top right side of your screen to see now how many lives you can afford losing before starting the level again

In the way of getting easy task, you may consider to get all power-ups which are sometimes appeared on the road
Here, you may use exploding Demons to do the tasks much easier

To help you along the game, you may need weapons such as the Bazooka that you can get by watching an in-game video.
With this weapon, you can blast cars at a time
And, it can also give you the chance to gain higher scores.

During in the game, you may have to check out the requirements by tapping the lower right icon in the main menu
There, you will be able to access and unlock all items such as Poses, Materials, Heads and Stuff.
You can unlock them by completing special achievements and goals.
For such reasons, just focus on getting those achievements to improve your gameplay.

On the other side, you may think to make long car lines
Anyway, such car will take longer for all the cars to pass by, so that it will give you lower chances to rescue more people on the street

Thus, to prevent creating such long lines car, just move away and let the cars go as soon as the pedestrian has passed the road.

When rescuing pedestrians, always stay alert of the traffic cones
To deal with this, try to swipe down to block all incoming cars on all lanes for a minute or so
Also, you can pick power-ups, and use them at the right time to rescue more people walking on the street which will increase your score


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