Upgrade Buildings to Earn Exp and Money in Marvel Avengers Academy iOS

If you are playing Marvel Avengers Academy on the go, you may have been familiar with the buildings that can enable your heroes to do various actions

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Moreover, specific buildings will allow you to get reward with experience and money.
In this game, all buildings can hold a certain number of heroes at a time, in which the number will continue to rising after you have upgraded them into the next level.
In line with this, make sure to upgrade them more often from now on

In the way of upgrading the buildings, it may sound as an expensive business which take money shards and time to really build and upgrade them.

To get more money in form of shards, you can get them by completing quests
In the mean time, while the building is being upgraded, you will not be allowed to use it.

For such reasons, just commit these upgrades while you are go offline from the game for a while
Here, planning will be the main point to level up your character fast

Besides, make sure to upgrade your buildings first before your heroes.
It is caused by, every time you upgrade a building, you will be able to unlock more actions that can be performed by your heroes.
As a result, it will make boosting their levels fast

Meanwhile you may need to select from a number of heroes which you want to use at the same building.
At this point, just try to select the shortest activity first, then you can work your way up since this is the most effective use of your time.

To widen your room at the buildings and open up new areas of the world in the game, you can use Pym Particles that you can get by completing quests
Also, make sure to place things carefully to have plenty of room in your buildings.
Plus, you can use some spare spaces to put some fun decorative items there


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