Unlock Secret Mystery Characters Hipster Whale and Gifty in Crossy Road iPhone

Crossy Road as the one which is popular with a bunch of characters that will available to be unlocked such as frogs, epoch piggy bank, flea, dragon, unihorse, the dark lord, ghost, floppy fish and Pew Die Pug, each with its own own special secret abilities.

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To unlock each characters in this game fast, you can purchase them via in app store
But, you can get coins then spend them on the candy machine for more characters.
You will get that chance when you gain 100 coins in that machine that will come to random characters to choose from, but if it is a duplicate character, you will not get anything, though.

Meanwhile, you will also be given to try out one of three characters for free.
And if you like it you can get it for the five games that the offer lasts.
Doing so will earn you 250 coins as a bonus.
Here, you can do this two different times to get enough coins to purchase 5 different bonus characters and the two that you buy from the offer.

In line with this characters, you will not get the Piggy Bank for free from the candy machine, as he vastly increases the amount of coins that you earn every time that you play.
He also costs 4 times more than the standard in app purchase store.
But, you can still win Doge and Pew Die Pug with one dollar from the candy machine.

On the other side, this game will also provide you two different unknown hidden mystery characters to unlock later on.
You will meet the gacha in which it is where you get every character except for these two and the Piggy Bank, then the two secret characters are still unknown until you actually unlock them.

According to this, the first mystery character is Hipster Whale, that is the mascot of the game’s developer itself.
This character will not come up all that often, but he will sometimes pop up in a stream going in the same direction as the logs.
So, every tie you see it, just go for it by jumping off it.

After doing this, you have to finish the stage, in order to unlock the Hipster Whale and added to the random rotation.
However, you will not find easter eggs exist with the Hipster Whale, just the fact that you get to use him in the first place.

The other secret character is Gifty, which is a Christmas gift with feet who jumps around.
If you want to unlock Gifty, you have to unlock the Festive Chicken first, who is free for the Christmas season.
But, if you have not done yet, you can go to the character select screen and purchase the festive chicken for free.

Once unlocking it, you can then go to the character select screen and select the Festive Chicken, then play with it.
When using the Penguin, the ground will be all snowy and you may come across a big, square clearing with a Christmas tree in it.
That tree seems to be like a normal pine tree except a star coming off of it, along with flashes, and music as well.

In addition, just go up to the tree and jump to get right next to it, then gather all of the coins popping up around it.
After finishing that stage, you will be able to get Gifty, which is the second rare and secret mystery character, but it will not give you associated easter eggs.


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