Unlock Exclusive Combiners Characters in Transformers Battle Tactics iPhone

After playing Transformers: Battle Tactics for few moments, you will sometimes be wonder of how to unlock all the characters in the game and especially how to get combiners robots it as fast as possible.

transformers battle tactics re spin photon strike ability

Throughout the game, you will be served with over 100 Transformers available for recruiting that you will then combine them to get the best powerful units ever.
In order order to get all of them, you will will need to complete a lot of fights here and there.

Later on, you will have to unlock three categories of Transformers from Characters is the regular robots, Exclusives to Combiners.

Basically, you will require three different resource types to unlock the Transformers and all of them are dropped mainly during combat.
In line with this, all you will do is to try winning the fight as if you win more matches, you will get more resources including rare robots type.

In this game, The Exclusive and Combiners ones are the top priority here.
In order to craft it, you will need three Exclusives, in which they are not easy, as they need a lot of material bits and usually from two or all three categories.

For such reasons, you have to join a league as you will get crates appearing to be a random fashion from your league mates
Moreover, getting some extra materials will really help you a lot here

On the other side, you can unlock material pack without going through hundreds of battles and defeating other Transformers
At this point, you can go to rush things out a little bit like the Space Bridge where you can get some supply drops there.
In the mean time, you will be able to have two different free drops from the game
Next, be sure that you are there to get them as soon as they are available.

In addition, you can also get any of the two premium drops which need gold
Getting them will really provide you the chance to quickly get the premium materials that you will need to recruit all the Transformers.


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