Unlock All New Teams in Touchdown Hero iPhone

Touchdown Hero as an endless runner game is made by cherrypick games where you will be prompted to guide your hero throughout the field, dodge all opposition, and make score as high as possible

touchdown hero walkthrough ios android

To guide your character, the game will activate slow-motion if you let go of the screen.
When it occurs, the field will turn dark and everything will be moving in slow-motion
At this point, you can use this time to plan out your next move
If you retake control of your hero again, the game will resume at normal speed.
In line with this, you can use it when you want to run into a sticky situation, as your slow-motion bar will refill rapidly.

Furthermore, swiping your hero around the field will move him alongside your finger.
For such reasons, you should control your movement though
But do not move too fast, as you might end up slamming right into one of those big guys

When being in the field, try swiping your hero past one of the regular defenders, then do a spin to juke the defender, so that you will you go past freely.

Later on, you can change your team by tapping the button on the main menu.
Here, there will be no gameplay-changes between the teams
Every team in this game will have a specific unlock requirement, that you can check by selecting the team.
All you will have to do here is to make as many touchdowns as possible so that you can unlock them all

Since this game is categorized into an endless runner, you must focus, utilize your slow-motion ability, and spot the holes in the defense

Anyway, this game will feature ads that will be appearing on the screen while playing it
To remove this ad, you can play this game in airplane mode
But if you are so generous, you can play this game with ad as the developer makes money through this ad


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