Tricks to Get Gifts Coins in Queen of Three Kingdoms iPhone

Queen of Three Kingdoms from Yongkang Wang is a kind of tcg where you will be allowed to join the exciting country war among the beautiful queens in this real beauty card game

queen of three kingdoms walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you as a hero will be brought to go for the romance raising from the past, then draw a romantic blueprint with the beauties

You will also level up your hero, where you will firstly beat Ma Teng at the end of 7-12 levels.
You can beat her if you get Guan Yu firstly.

Besides, you can also get Dong Zhuo from the 2nd login day gifts then upgrade her to Lv. 25 or beyond Afterward, go to previous stages, upgrade, and reincarnate her with 4-star souls that you have collected through the game.

After reaching 25 level in this game, you can unlock friends function where you can send generals to work for friends.
Be sure to send high-price generals to work for high VIP level friends to have God Dan.

Once gaining 26 level you can unlock Blood Battle that will allow you to get some valuable rewards.
Later on, do upgrade until you get 500+ ingots then challenge Han Dang between level 8 and 15 in which you will spend 499 ingots to push Han down in that level.
At this point, be sure to get generals at the price of 3600+ to win it.

For further, after having level 30 or above, you will get to reincarnate rewards for 8 3-star Generals and 95 tokens
In line with this, you can totally get 99 tokens through reincarnating 4-star Generals.

So, just go to the Recruit page and tap Token for Generals
You can start with Jiangdong Pioneers then go for Huang Gai and combine with Han Dang at once.

You will earn some cons in the battle during the stages
You can use some coins for the coin instance of limited-time instances with extra VIT.

Try to get Huang Gai, Zhou Tai and Cheng Pu in the first capture event.
Per pushing You will need 699 ingots per pushing.

After doing so, you can get the second group consisting of Xiahou Dun, Xiahou Yuan, Cao Ren, Xu Chu, Dian Wei by increasing feats in country war.

In order to win country war in this game, be sure to get stable earnings by donating crops in country science first.
In addition, you will also try to get some fabulous gifts around through iaps



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