Trick to Unlock Crossy Road Pro Gamer Psy Gangnam Characters iPhone

After introducing rugby character and the other new ones, Crossy Road is now back to introduce Psy and Pro Gamer, as the premium characters to unlock

crossy road pro gamer gangnam style character bonus

From the first launch of this game until now, you may play Crossy Road with a new hidden character in the game, and an all-new premium character.

At this moment, you will see The Pro Gamer and Psy in this game that will be available for you to unlock and play with

To unlock the Pro Gamer, you must get one of the other Korean characters.
Afterward, just select them and play with them.
Once doing so, you will get a great score while moving as fast as you can.
If you can move faster, you will get a chance to unlock the Pro Gamer.

Psy here can be categorized into a premium character
To unlock him, you can only get him for a limited time
In line with this, getting Psy will earn you 1,000 free coins as a bonus.

Plus, especially for getting this Psy, you will also unlock the new dancing game mode.
Later on, you will simply swipe in the correct direction as indicated by the dance path that Psy performs in this game.

In the mean time, you will also have to avoid cars for making a good score.
What interesting to play with such character is you can listen to the music for an indication of when to tap to move.

Thus, if you like playing dancing music in the game, getting Psy character in Crossy Road game will fun to play on your phone


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