Trick to Get Oil Mineral in Alliance Wars World Domination iPhone

Alliance Wars: World Domination from Mindstorm Studios can be included in a base building strategy game that you can play on ios and android devices.

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Along the game, you will have to build your base, train your army, collect minerals and oils, and invade other players in an all-out war for collecting more resources.

In this game, you will be served with some missions to complete that will make you progress through the game.
Early on the game, you will have to build your base as strong as you can
Once getting stronger, you will earn valuable fusion cells for every mission you complete

Fusion cells can be said as the premium currency of this game which you can use for anything you want in this game.

To supply your unit, the storage will be the important thing to do
You must increase your maximum storage capacity for minerals and oil, which will be useful to build the corresponding storage buildings.

You must increase your supply for those resources such building oil depots and mineral silos.
In line with this, you have to build a couple of these around
Once you level them up, you will hit your fill quickly

When start invading enemy bases be sure to aim to take out the defensive structures, such as towers, as these building are vital defense of their base.

To take out the tower, just send in units that have the highest health first.
The tower will attack automatically toward anything getting closer within its range

So, it will be a good idea to put more heath unit against the tower so that the tower will focus on them and your units with less health with higher attack power can assault it safely.
After taking out any towers there, they will not have any defense construction

During in the battlefield, it will be important to manage your position there
Just study the layout of your enemy’s base before deploying your units.

Also, make sure to place them in the most favorable spots, because you cannot control units after they have been deployed there

Sometimes, you may find that your units will be stuck in an unfavorable situation
To solve this, you can always retreat and regroup to attack once you have the situation under control.
Doing this will keep any units still alive for later mission.


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