Trick to Get Money Bonus for Better Guns in Case Clicker iPhone

Case Clicker from Mateusz Pawlica is the combination between counter strike case simulator and a clicker game that you can only find and play on iOS and Android devices

case clicker walkthrough ios android

All you will do here is to tap to get money or work towards opening a case for having a gun
Later on, once making a good progresses through the game, you will get better cases and bigger guns.

When playing this game, you can tap the screen with more than one finger
So, you can tap faster to get more money to open each case.

Once opening more cases, you can then unlock more different upgrades from the store.
With these upgrades, you can earn more per click
Moreover, you can also open the box with a higher percentage per tap, and get better boxes from the roulette.

Those boxes will auto open and auto-earn you money
For such reasons, just keep purchasing these boxes to maximize your earnings.

If you get any guns and other weapons such as knives, clubs and others, you can sell them
But, save some weapons for something.

Later on, just save up your money, then get cases at a rapid speed
Next, keep opening the good cases while ignoring the beginning ones such as the breakout case.

On the other side, you will also get a chance to get all kinds of enhancements by watching advertisement videos in the store
By watching ad videos, you will get a chance to collect free crates, temporary coin doublers, and some other goodies.
So, just watch as many promotional videos as you can to get better goodies for free in this game


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