Trick to Get Crystals Coins Gas Antimatter Metals in Galaxy Alliance iPhone

Galaxy Alliance by GA+ can be included into a new MMO strategy game that you can play both on the iOS and Android devices

galaxy alliance walkthrough ios android

Here, you will have to build up a little space station into a powerful entity
Then, you will get involved in the space battle with enemies to collect more resources and Kredits.

To do that, you can start with planet quests that will be a good start to get both experience points and resources
If you can complete them, you will be granted with a prize in the quest menu.

To supply more resources, you will have to build up your resource buildings that will make you have a great long term source of them.

Just build and upgrade them, in which you can get them from residences that provide coins, metal mines, gas refineries, antimatter collectors and crystal mines will provide the rest.

You can also get more resources for free by raiding any players that have left the game
Sometimes, their base will be completely unprotected, and they will still produce resources
Therefore, whenever they do not have auto-shields up, just try to attack and get resources from them.

Be sure to upgrade your safe storage as quickly and as high as you can
Doing such upgrade will protect a percentage of your maximum resources maximize them in your base.
Remember not to waste defense ships until you have big resources

Later on, you will have to do some upgrades, such as one training queue, one research queue and, one attack march going at once.
In the mean time, you can also use the five minutes or less speed up for free when researching tech


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