Treasure Trove Pack Cheats in Puzzle to the Center of the Earth iPhone

Puzzle to the Center of the Earth will bring you in an exciting journey to the depths of the Earth where you will be assigned to match multicolored tiles as usual as well as digging a path to the Earth’s core

puzzle to the center of the earth strategy guides ios android

Once going through some levels, you will learn that each level has a star and a lever in it.
Here, stars are needed to unlock next levels
Then, you will also find enough levers in a certain amount of levels, that you can use to unlock a secret level with a lot of goodies then learn new formulas and upgrades

Later on, when matching blocks downward, make sure to try to do it in a fashion that leaves some stepping stones behind, like a staircase of some sort.
Here, you are able to get a little height with your jump, so having a perfect staircase will not be needed though.
At this point, you will not want to lock yourself out of a star or lever whereby you do not have a way back up, so just try your best.

Searching for premade openings will be a telling hint to where one of the treasures in a level is.
When you get small spaces where there are no blocks, you can try making your way towards those openings and explore the surrounding area.
When doing so, you will find the star in that level and it works for levers too
However, it will be good at remembering that levers can sometimes be hidden inside blocks.

Later on, you must use formulas to your advantage
In line with this, formulas are introduced in the third level.
And, when matching blocks in a certain color order will cause a chain reaction to happen
Next, based on the formula, cool stuff will happen as well

At this point, you will get your first formula, Explosion, in which it is performed by matching Blue -> Red -> Green.
This will destroy a good chunk of surrounding blocks, so that you will get an awesome for conserving energy
A formula here needs one catalyst, which is similar to energy but it is colored red.
Catalysts in this game will be located randomly, but you can also make one by matching 6 or more blocks.

For further, you will be able to purchase more formulas in the camp, like the Energy and Magnet formulas.
The energy formula will be perfectly useful whereby pulling it off will make an energy block right on the spot, in which it can be useful if you are running low.

In addition, you can purchase some Detectors for easy star scouting which is available on your item in the camp.
This stuff will help you find the location of the star in a level, and it only costs 75 coins only.
Thus, just buy one of these to find stars with ease along the game


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