Top Score for new Character in Goat Rider iPhone

BeaverTap Games has just launched Goat Rider as the survival game which you can download and play from the apple store

goat rider walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will be assigned to ride the goat as long as you can.
Seemingly, this game brings a simple and it centralizes around tapping the screen to survive as long as you can riding goat in the game.

This game also features more than 100 riders to unlock, including 14 from different indie games icon such as Crossy Road, Disco Zoo, The Blockheads, and more.

Early on the game, you will ride high on a crazed goat, and you may get tossed off it if you are not keep the balance of your phone

When riding on goat, you must try to follow where it will move
Do not just stick to the center all the time as this will actually provide you less reaction time to work with.

Then, if the goat is not glowing red, just slide as close to the right side as possible to maximize the time window you have when the goat turns into red.

In the mean time, you will see the goat to speed up, and your sliding will also speed up
Anyway, if the goat moves around the screen faster, it tries to slide you off the left side which will make you move more quickly
When, the goat moves on the right, you must stay on the right side of the goat to follow its move.

On the other side, once in a while, you will be brought to play into a goat party
At this point, just try to survive as long as possible in one of these parties
If you can do so well, you can then unlock a new character as reward

Later on, if you can stay longer riding on the goat, you will make best score and unlock new character
For such reasons, just try your best on every run and play at any point past when the star meter fills up high


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