Tokens to Unlock New Characters in Ducky Fuzz iPhone

Ducky fuzz from By Inez Hogarth may be like a simple game where it is all about juggling ducks on the ocean by controlling the waves, while avoiding sea mines and collecting some floating breads along the way

ducky fuzz walkthrough ios android

Your main objective is to blow up all of the duck bombs before blasting your entire run
As you go, you will get more ducks pop up constantly, which will be difficult to accomplish the objective.

At the same time, you will also have to get some coins to purchase new characters, new duck costumes and special powers then gain score as high as possible.

During in your performance, you will not need to tap on the ducks to blow them up.
You can do this by tapping on a random spot in the water to make a splash
At that time, if there is a duck gets hit by the splash it will explode.
Surely, when those ducks blow up, their own splash will also emerge on the water
And, those splash will turn blow up other ducks inside of the splash zone, then it will lead to the big chain reactions.

To make longer chain reactions, you can do this when you have a large crowd of ducks on the screen, where you must tap toward the corner rather than the middle
If you can make, longer chain reactions when blowing them up you will get more points and more tokens

In order to get more tokens, you will get get a video ad offer to pop up every three rounds or so
When, getting the ad video there, make sure to watch it to get 20 tokens for free.

After getting 200 tokens, you can then use them to unlock a new character, such as fish or boats instead of ducks.
Always consider to keep the taps flowing quickly if you are about to make long chains with the ducks.

Remember not to sit and watch for too long especially when ducks start flashing red.
Go hurry to spread your taps around to clear the screen much more quickly
In line with this, the next wave of ducks will pop up which will get you to prepare your next move to make long chain reaction to guide you to gain high score


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