Tokens Spells Cheats in Puzzles and Pixies iPhone

Puzzles & Pixies which is made by 10tons ltd offers you a new puzzle game with a hexagonal grid
This new game will also provide you more possibilities as far as what combos to make, and you will go through obstacles once you start getting into the further stages.

puzzle & pixies walkthrough ios android

Similar to the matching puzzle games, you will further be given with five lives, then every time you lose or forfeit a round you will lose a life
Then, every time you lose a life, it will take 30 minutes before you can get it back
If you want to speed it up, you can simply buy an extra life.

If you want to get our life back without purchasing an extra life, you can alternatively do the time lapse tricks

Here, just go to the date and time settings on your phone and set the time ahead by half an hour per life lost, so that you will get a full life restoration by doing this trick.

Anyway, you can do this any time that you want to
At this point, when you set the time back to normal, the in-game time will go back to normal as it is
It means that your free lives will disappear, and if you have already spent them all, your cool-down time towards a free life will have all of the cheated time added onto it.
Therefore, do this cheat when you are playing before bed or playing for your leisure.

Later on, if you can match seven pieces, you will be able to create one of the vertical bonus fairies for you
In line with this, many more will appear randomly for both vertical and bomb fairies.
So try to make a combo in order to max points.
On the other side, matching two pieces instead of three will get you a fairy to do its thing.

At the same time, try using more than one fairy in one combo to combine their effects.
Anyway, when combining two bomb fairies in one combo, you can create a much larger explosion.
Then, combining a line fairy and a bomb fairy will just make a line and a bomb at the same time.

Furthermore, the special effect of the fairies will always take place in a center of the last fairy of the combo
Because of this, you can draw the combo based on where you want the last fairy to be, and where you want your special effect to happen at.
Thus, you can try to do this based on where the pieces are which you need to get rid of so that you will be able to win the recent stage you are playing.


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