Tokens for High Score Cheats Word Morph! iPhone

Word Morph! Endless Word Puzzle is a fresh fast-paced endless word-making game that you can play on the ios and android phones.

word morph walkthrough apple watch android

Your main objective here is to take one word, transform it into another word at a time
Next, you will keep doing that until the timer runs out, or until you run out of possible words that you can make.
Just try to stay alive and keep the time bar up by morphing words then gain score as high as possible.

Later on, you can do words between three and seven letters long, with or without a timer, that is based on your preferred style of play.

Early on this game, you will be given with 99 coins to access all word modes, relax mode, and a ton of power ups.
If you missed your shot, just delete the game then download it again.

Note that you will not be able to repeat a word more than once
But, always try to search for the easiest way to make multiple words at once.
Think between 1 word ahead and three words ahead at all times then plan out your next words
If you can do so well, you can beat the timer.

You can try to play in relax mode first before unlocking any of the longer word modes, as those modes are tougher
And, the more letters you are dealing with, the harder it is to find matching words.

At the beginning of the game, this relax mode will help you practice, train your brain to think of long word matches.

In order to register a tap on a letter, you can tap down a little bit hard so that you can get the game.
If it does not do so, you can start double tapping all of your letters, or tap, hold, then move.
Anyway, missing a tap will lose a whole lot more quickly as you will run out of time a little bit fast.

In addition, you can use your coins to get some power ups, but do not use them if you are not competing with your friends online.
For such reasons, just build up as many coins as you can, then use the coins for the play modes


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