Tokens Cheats in War Tortoise iPhone

War Tortoise developed by Foursaken Media can be categorized into a new endless rail-shooter game which is specially designed for the ios and android devices

war tortoise walkthrough ios android

In other words, this game is the combination of a shooter, idle gaming, and tower defense built in one package

Here, you will control a heavy tank armed with powerful weapons and automated turrets
And, you will also recruit units, collect resources, and build defenses from a band of enemy forces coming in your way.

Along the game, all you will do is to defend your tank from endless waves of animals using variety of weapons and soldiers
In the mean time, you will also have to get coins and deal with bosses

Later on, you will have to upgrade your weapons and armor as the enemies get tougher to beat such as the ones in an exclamation point above its head

They are extremely dangerous, that will get to you fast, whereby you must take them down first.
The main point is to take out the biggest threat first then focus on the other ones.

At this point, you can upgrade your own guns through the earlier levels
When reaching level 4 you will deal with numbers of enemies coming with each wave.
So, you must load up on the support units such as allies and gun towers which will really help you beat such enemies

You may use your machine gun the most than the other weapons
because of this, always upgrade that gun to higher stats while unlocking all upgrade tiers for it.

According to this, try to get the Mouse Assault Squad, then get the Sniper when the Rhinoceros Beetles arrive
Afterward, you can get the Mining Tower to go for level 2
To make your tank more powerful, you must get some Machine Gun Damage Upgrades, then you can unlock the Mouse Gunner Squad as well as the Towers.

In the mean time, also upgrade different stats such as health and armors
Besides, you may have to focus on dealing damage, then upgrade the reloading time or health of your allies.
Note that your allies will draw some enemy fire especially for the Mouse Assault Squad and the drones
For such reasons, you must keep them healthy with the best armors

Sometimes, it will be hard to go to the next level.
In line with this, you have to go to the next generation to open up all kinds of perks, which will be in form of auto-battle for the second generation.
Getting a new generation will be necessary when you want to improve your perks
And, the other perks you have unlocked may change the bonus values which you are getting.

For further, you are able to unlock new weapons such as the howitzer to increase overall damage for all weapons, and cash earnings.

Every time, you can complete missions, you will get red coins
And, if you have two of them, you will be allowed to purchase a new perk.
Perks are permanent and they are extremely useful when dealing with tough enemies.

Anyway, you can also get free perks which are available on every six hours or so.
Therefore, you must go hurry to get them once they are available there

In related to the cash, you will still get cash even when you are not playing the game
Thus, just sign out from game for a while, then sign in again to get a free cash as reward.

In addition, tokens seem to be the premium currency of this game
Similar to coins and cash, you can get them for free by completing any given missions


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