Tokens Cheats in Hooves Reloaded Horse Racing Android

Rubber Duck Software has come to android devices along with their a unique racing game which is called as Hooves Reloaded, a real time horse racing game

hooves reloaded horse racing walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will be able to compete with your friends online
You will also be as a breeder, trainer and punter, where you will have to train your horses well then send them to race against the others to get victory in the race

In line with this, you must select your races wisely and you should scout around for your next future star through careful breeding, training and tending along the way.

When it is about to race against the others horses, be sure to select the correct country and an eligible race to enter your horse.

Consider two elements such as rating and groups before going to race.
Here, each horse will be grouped based on its prize money, mares, stallions or geldings for winnings at each level.
You can then join open races within the correct rating for that country.

Your horse`s rating will be ranging from 1 to 50 rating that determines which country level your horse is allowed to race in.
This rating will also affect the stud price for your horses.

Also, your horses will be grouped based on prize money that you have got by that horse.
Prize money will increase after progressing through the levels of the game.

Be sure to learn country eligibility before taking part in the race.
You must have 1 – 9 rating horses to enter beginners race
Be sure to have horse in 7 – 19 to enter intermediate race
You can join pro race if you have 17 – 29 rating of your horses
If you have horses in 27 – 39 rating, you can enter in champ races
Then, you can join in elite race, if you have 37+ rating of your horses
At this point, there will be 2 rating overlaps between countries.

You can also change countries, in which you will not need get your horses in races and visit the Airport to select a new country.

On the other side, prize money will not reset when a horse is raced in a higher country level.
Anyway, if the horse moves up to the next country, you will get a warning saying not to be able to race the horse in the lower level again.

Except prize money, you will need tokens which you can use to increase the game play experience in this game.
You can get these tokens if you can win the race

Once collecting those tokens, you can purchase additional stables, rename or repaint your horses to a custom name

Besides, you can also purchase horse sellers license, saddles, horse performance analyzer, and stable hand to feed horses for 3 days while you are not playing the game for that period

You can also get science lab features, freezing, unfreezing, surgery for 10 tokens that will last for 7 days then you can add the period with the tokens again


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