Tokens Bucks Cheats in Storage Auction Legends Android

Storages: Auction Legends is a new auction game developed b everthrill where you will be assigned to accomplish the main goal that is to go shopping around storage facilities, purchase a storage facility then bring them home what you find and try to turn into profitable stuff.

storage auction legends strategy guides

In the way of getting high profit from every stuff in auction, make sure you purchase low and sell it as high as possible.

However, throughout the game, you will be served with a bunch of ads, which will be annoying you while playing this game
For such reasons, you can try to cut off the data, so that you cause the ads to stop coming up.
In order to do this, you can manually turn off the WiFi and the data, and set the phone into Airplane Mode.
Later on, if the game is unplayable to you, you can do this and you can play it again.

In the way of making a lot of money without spending any money on the lorry improvement in this game, you can do the usual bidding and try to win for less than 750 dollars, 1000 dollars or whatever based on where in the game you are.
Be sure to only purchase one of the storage units, not more than one because a second one is a waste of money though.

Doing this action will often work as there are a set variety of items in the storage units, with each worth specific prices.
Here, you will get around 21 items in each unit, in which every single one will give you a profit as long as you bid low enough on them.

For further, if you run out of energy in each stage, you will not be able to go to the next level
In line wit this, an easy way to get your energy back is to set the time ahead on your phone or tablet so that you can make an auction come back faster.

At this point, you can try to set it ahead by enough time that your energy will get restored fully
Afterwards, you can then go back to the game and you can use up your new energy to go for further.
Once getting your energy back, you can set the time back to normal, then go back to the game again
Now, you will get your free energy that you just got will still be there.

Because of doing that trick, you can now have got cash and you can also earn gold coins
But, at this moment, neither one of them is worth anything
Thus, you have to purchase more lives with the gold coins in order to buy anything in this game.
In addition, cash will be worth to purchase other storage units.


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