Token Pack Cheats in All Star Quarterback iPhone

All Star Quarterback is a new game developed by Full Fat that is specifically made for the iOS and Android platforms where you can guide your team to get victory in the ultimate QB simulation.

all stars quarterback strategy guides iphone android

This game is a kind of unique game in which you will not just play football.
Here, there is also the aspect of managing the life of your quarterback off the field
Along the game, you can do everything from training to dealing with the media to building chemistry with the rest of your team.

Anyway, be careful with the management of your stamina.
Everything that you do here removes a little bit of stamina.
And, you will regenerate stamina after playing a game against another team
But when you pick plays for your QB during the game, every play will take away a bit of stamina
Thus, when you are low on stamina, select the most heavily trained play, that will end up being the one with the lowest stamina cost.
Be sure not to waste your stamina before a game or you can run the risk of not getting put into the game and falling down the depth chart, and getting dropped from the team as the consequences.

Throughout the game, you will have to train your skills as often as possible
It is caused by, if you train them more, you will be able to perform better during a game.
And, if you do not train them enough they will start to waste away that causes your performances to weaken.

In order to get bonuses freely, make sure you know which items to purchase in the stores.
The normal “items” will give you a fan bonus
Meanwhile, the properties will give you a media bonus
And, the vehicles will give you a team bonus.
Later on, the fan and media bonuses will increase your rate at which you get sponsors
Moreover, the team bonus will also increase your progress with moving up in the depth chart.

In the way of moving up the depth chart, make sure to keep the coach happy.
In line with this, you can do this by going to the social menu and talking to coach.
Anyway, you can also do this by performing well during games that you can do with smart play calling.

In addition, you will have three objectives at a time
Then, if you can complete them, you will earn credits and experience points as a bonus reward for your completion.
For further, you will have to complete three of these to unlock three new quests to complete.
You can also use these rewards for new credits especially when you run out of stamina and you intend to use drinks to regenerate your stamina quickly.


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