Tips Strategy Guides to Get Easy Orbs in MARVEL Tsum Tsum iPhone

MARVEL Tsum Tsum developed by Xflag may be adapted from the popular LINE Disney Tsum Tsum game that you may have played on the ios and android devices

Along the game, you will have to collect orbs to build a big collection of Tsum Tsums then bring them to battle with your rival
Every character in this game has their own set of superpowers.

In the battlefield, try to make the biggest combo that you can do by swiping across Tsum Tsum in a line of three or more identical ones
Doing so will clear them all

And, if you can clear seven or more at a time, you will be able to create an area bomb to blow up all of the Tsums around them so that the special bar for your character will fill up fast.

When the special bar has filled up, make sure to tap it to use your character’s special move.
On the other side, you will get the light blue ISO-8 or orbs to give them a second special move
Here, you need to use both special moves and bombs to make 3 stars on each level.

When dealing with bosses, pick a Tsum Tsum that is a strong type match against a boss.
Make combinations to drain its health.
Get bombs to blow them up to drain even more of its health
And, use your special moves to drain a big amount of health from the bosses.

Later on, you will get new Tsum Tsums for completing specific levels
Be sure to complete every stage to get more orbs for free
And, you will also get stars on the main missions.

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