Tips to Swap Dinos and Complete Stages in Dinofour iPhone

Dinofour can be categorized into a charming puzzle platformer game that has been added with an engaging dino-swapping premise across the stages.

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In other words, this game seems to be a strange combination of relaxing, open-ended level exploration and infuriating precision difficulty that will tease your brain to complete one level to another.

Here, all you will do is to guide a dinosaur to go to the egg goal located somewhere within the stage.
In this game, you will see the gameplay involving trekking your dinosaurs from point A to point Egg via any means possible.

You will then enjoy each of the 72 self-contained stages in different design platform
Sometimes, you will guide your dino travel straight up, down, or a combination of directions as you may have to open up new paths and avoid obstacles.

Also, you must backtrack to switch dinosaurs or enter a door that was previously closed in the level
But, your dino seems to have limited mobility and you will merely move left or right and jump one block’s distance up or sideways.

Anyway, each of the four dinosaurs will come along with special abilities respectively
Green can push heavy objects, which is like rocks
Red can breathe fire to melt ice or barbeque enemies
Blue can fly for short distances
Purple can reverse gravity, which can allow him to switch between walking on the floor and the ceiling environment in each level.

You can combine using such abilities in most specific levels
Since you can only control one dinosaur at a time, you will have to locate your colorful friends within the level and swap control by standing next to them.

Doing this will make your original dinosaur leave in place and it will put your dino in charge of whomever you just switched with, along with their related ability.

Oftentimes, you may focus on a single dinosaur such as Red within an ice-filled maze
Then, you will go along with Green one that will be useful to push a rock onto a button to open the door to Red, who burns ice blocks so that Green dino can move another rock to allow Blue to use it as a launching pad to a higher area with the egg.

In line with this, all you will do will be in systematic steps where you will also be able to utilize the same basic controls, like playing as Blue or Purple along with new movement options

In each stag, you will be tasked to deal with the number of obstacles such as spikes and pits that are common occurrences
And, you will also run into charging boars, hovering pterodactyls, explosive blocks, dripping acid, crumbling bridges, timed doors, and much more to solve.

Every time, you make a move, always stay alert of the obstacles as some stages are set up with long drops containing spikes and only a small area of safety

In the mean time, you may try to solve a significant amount of time-based obstacles such as scrolling blocks, retractable spikes, and patrolling enemies that will force you to wait for the to go away.

Thus, if you like playing platformer games and any game in similar with new swapping feature, you may play this game on your phone


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