Tips to Solve All Levels in aa Full Version iPhone

General Adaptive Apps Pty Ltd has launched simple minimalist game which is named as aa where it is a series of two-letter designed for the iOS and Android platform

aa walkthrough ios android

This game will get you to go through an addicting quest in form of 600 levels in which you will have to attach the little ball to the big ball.

When trying to attach that ball, timing and speed are the key in this game.
To play this game, you simply tap to move the dot into the circle
In the mean time, you must avoid running dots into other dots or the game will end because of that.

Occasionally, you must bridge the gap between speed and care.
To speed up your moves, you can try to use two fingers so that you can squeeze two dots in, or even three dots if you want to make it into a very tight space and have a ton of dots left over.

Every time you can pass each level, you will get into tougher levels, in which they will start changing speeds on you.
In line with this, you can try to slow down, and time the spinning circle.
Just until it gets into its slow period then tap fast.

In the way of beating each level, timing is key in aa, as all you will need to do is the simple taps anywhere on the screen to move the dots into the circle
And, in later levels, you can try to hold down and release to control the speed as well as trying to avoid collisions with any means necessary.

Later on, if you want to improve your mistake, you can go back to any level that you have played previously.
Similarly, all you will have to do is to tap the level select text at the top of the screen, then you can input whatever level you want to go back to.
Here, you will not be able to go to any level that you have not played before, but you can go to any level that you have played and beaten already.

If you are in further levels, the timing will be become real strange on the levels where it changes directions as soon as you tap.
On the next levels, you can simply tap a little later than your instincts would normally tell you to tap It is caused by the direction changes immediately when you tap, rather than when the ball connects.

In addition, during the play, you will often be served with advertisement that always pops up on the screen
If you want to remove the ads, you can turn off airplane mode on your phone before you play it.
Anyway, the presence of the ads here is the way of the developer to make money through this game.



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