Tips to Make High Score Points in Ball Jump iPhone

Ketchapp has a new endless jumping game which is wrapped in Ball Jump that you can recently play on ios devices and it may run into android device as well in the next update

ball jump walkthrough ios android

In this game, all you will do is to try to cope with these movements in order to go as far as you can.
from one platform to another that will shift and move as you approach them.

Here, you can try to stay on the cubes while waiting for the right moment to jump then you must try to discover new 5 different sections.

Every platform you can jump over will earn you one point
And, jumping and landing on the same platform will not earn you any points.

Meanwhile, if you jump and make it to the next platform, you will get one point.
Also, jumping all the way over one platform and onto another will earn you two points

In the mean time, always watch on the entire level in front of you, as this will help you not to get caught by surprise when the platforms start to shift.

Anyway, those platforms will stop shifting when you get really close to them
At this point, you can predict what their final shapes will be before making any jump.

Later on, you will have to try jumping as close to the edge of the platform to get a little bit of leeway as far as margin for error.

Jumping too early will get you to have a good chance that the blocks will disappear out from under you and you will fall on the cubes

So, you must try to jump later while waiting for the right moment and watching the shifting platform to jump to the next platform

On the other side, this game will also come along with advertisement that will always pop up when you are playing it
For such reasons, you can play this game into airplane mode and be sure to deactivate data when playing this game


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