Tips to Level up Fast in iPhone can be said as the franchise of io games which seem to be popular recently on mobile
Similar to any io games, you will have to level up fast, to survive as long as you can and to be the best tank in the game

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Always shoot down the shapes which will allows you to gain experience fast to level up your tank
When doing so, you can take on the squares and triangles first then take out the large hexagon shapes for more experience.

As said earlier, you must stay alive as long as you can
Sometimes, you may find your health is low, whereby you must avoid conflict and stay away from the hot zones until you get full health
You can do this by hiding behind the shapes
Once you are ready, you can shoot back at the incoming bullets and destroy bullets from enemies

After leveling up, you must upgrade your tank which will make you hard to beat on the board
During the gameplay, play defensive at first
It means that you must stay away from other tanks and shoot the objects until reaching level 10 in the game

When being at level 10 here, you must upgrade health regain 2, Max health 3, Bullet Damage 2, Bullet Reload 2.
In other words, having good health regen will be necessary to make you stay alive in the game
To level up further, just keep shooting shapes and stay out of battle as much as possible.

Later on, you should upgrade the Damage first, then the Reload.
When reaching level 20 in the game, you can upgrade in Bullet Damage, 3 in Bullet Reload, 2 in Bullet Speed and 1 each in health and health regain.
With such stats, you can actively take part in battles and do some great things in the game

On the other side, you may think to have thick launcher which will allows you to shoot one stable bullets.
It is caused by you will usually fight against a single enemy in which you must focus on all firepower
During in the upgrading launcher process, you can shoot front and backwards
Also, shoot a tank from its back.


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