Tips to Increase Long Body in Snake io iPhone

Snakeio is the same as slither io as the popular game for the mobile platforms where it may be included into io game series on the apple store and android market

snakeios walkthrough ios android

As usual, you will start with a tiny snake and you will have to make it the biggest one by eating pellets

Being bigger one will easily take out other players and eat their pellets so that you will transform into bigger and bigger

Similar to slither io, all you will do is to eat the pellets while avoiding the others snake
While eating the pellets, the random ones will frequently spawn all over the board
In line with this, you can be bigger by eating them alone.
Keep doing so until you are big enough to be a threat to other players there.
In other words, your size will be the main point to take down the other players at ease

On the other side, the random pellets spawning around the board will increase the counter located at the top of the screen by one.

According to this, the counter will indicate how big your snake is
To make it happen, just keep gathering up the pellets and eating them to make you bigger.

Meanwhile, when a player snake crashes on the board because of colliding the biggest ones, they will leave behind bigger pellets than the normal sized ones.

Thus, try to scoop them up as fast as you can
If you see the other snakes attacking each other, you can position your snake to get closer to it
When you see the one getting the victory, you can get in to grab all of the pellets.

Sometimes, you will need to perform tricky maneuvers by tapping and holding the boost button located at the bottom right corner of the screen
Performing such trick will make your snake boost forward in the direction you are going to.

Use this trick to pull of some tricky maneuvers, so that you will get away from a trap placing by another player snake.

With such technique, you can pull ahead of a snake and encircle it
Besides, you can use it to get out of a potential trap yourself.
For such reasons, the other players may also try tripping you up with it
Note that, you lose a couple of pellets for when you hold down the boost button.

After eating some pellets, you will increase your own body into a decent length
At this point, your big body can be used as defense and offense

You can get such advantage when you are getting cornered by some snakes on the board
To get rid of this, try to make a barrier that you can do by rotating your body around in a circle so that you can hide within yourself
With your big body, you can also use it to trap the other snakes within a space


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