Tips to Get Willpower in Banner Saga iPhone

If you have looked at the preview of Banner Saga developed by Stoic, you will be brought to go to your own epic journey in this critically acclaimed tactical RPG

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Playing this game will get you to where your strategic choices directly affect your personal story
And, you fell like the outcome of conflicts encountered during your struggle for survival in this Viking inspired tale.

At the beginning of the game, you will figure out portraits showing the order of initiative, taking turns from left to right
Remember your role, in which your allies are blue and the enemy is red
And, the blue tiles around shows you the area you can move

In this game, some characters will fill more tiles than others and you will find the horned allies in a race of giants called Varl who will be able to take up 4 tiles each, while humans fill a single tile.

On the other side, when being in the battlefield, make sure to keep your archers at the back then try to keep your distance with them.
At this phase, your tank characters can take the brunt of attacks, so you must use your mid-range characters to counter clusters of enemies.
To target an enemy, just tap the tile on which they stand

Later on, be sure to target armor first as you will not do much damage if the enemy unit still has a lot of protection.
The Break stat will get you to easily break armor, so you have to take this point if you plan on targeting armor more often.

Anyway, if you can rest for a turn, you will regain willpower that you can use for skills.
Here, make sure to think about this, as the effective use of skills will decide your victory in a battle.

Killing enemies will assist the rest of the enemy units, so you have to consider “maiming” them instead.
And when setting up your team before battles, you must remember that left to right is the order in which your heroes will perform an action.
But, try to keep ranged units away from the action in this situation as their skill is picking off enemies from a distance, so you should use them to your advantage.
Always remember to take out the weaker ones first to make things more manageable when you deal with a lot of enemies on the stage.

Furthermore, hero in strength counts as both health and damage and a loss of 2 Strength, it means that you will now unleash 2 less damage.

Armor can block strength damage, but it can be reduced by a break attack.
By breaking Armor, you can open them up to deliver more damage in the future.

In the battle, after taking an action your turn ends then the enemy will be back to turn.
At this point, turns always alternate, even if you are outnumbered.

Also, your heroes can be out of range of your enemies
But, all heroes can use Willpower to boost their actions.
In line with this, Willpower is a limited resource, so use it as necessary as possible.

Yo can also move further than usual, that you can do by tapping on gold tiles
But it will need 1 Willpower per gold tile

Using the standard attacks will only affect a single enemy, but your heroes will have a Special Ability that gives them a unique advantage.

If you get only one enemy left, you will be able to enter Pillage mode.
When playing in this Pillage mode, each hero moves in order, and there will no more guaranteed turns.
And, if a hero does not move on his turn, he can simply stay in order to get back 1 Willpower.


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