Tips to Get Points Cash in OctoPie a Game Shakers App iPhone

Nickelodeon has launched their new game, OctoPie both on the apple store and android markets
Here, you will have to control the titular character to deliver fresh hot pizza to the hungry people

octopie walkthrough ios android

To deliver pizza you will be able to use a trusty slingshot, where you will merely pull back on the screen to make him launch pizza at people waiting up there

Every time, you can successfully deliver pizza to the target, you will get a different amount of points
You will get +1 Point if you can deliver pizza to Football Player

If you can deliver pizza to Purple guitar guy, Big muscular guy, Dinosaur and Black suit guy, you will earn +3 Points

Try to get +4 Points to deliver pizza to Bear with fishing pole and Blue suit guy with orange magazine
Basketball Player will give you +5 Points if you can give him his pizza
Earn +6 Points by delivering pizza to Purple dress lady and Pigeon Hits

So, try to aim for those people to get cash and points fast
With cash you have collected from the stages, you can use them to unlock additional power ups
Early on, do it firstly for the hats, as they provide you various bonuses
Get the Western Hat for having a new targeting reticle with increased accuracy
You can get the Ninja Mask which will make your ink stun enemies for a longer period of time.

During the game, you will see that a pigeon will fly by in a fixed arc.
You may also notice that, such bird will drop down for a bit then go to rise up a couple inches
When seeing this, you can try to predict where the bird will fly whereby you must shoot at it

Shooting at a pigeon will grant you a six points
If you want to get more additional points, you can aim and shoot at the lady in the purple dress

When being in your mission to deliver pizza to your customers, you must do it as fast as you can
If it takes too long, they will eventually be impatient and shut their windows
Because of this, you will get a red angry face at the top of the screen.
Therefore, never let them get away and be quick on the draw to make successful delivery


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