Tips to Get More Gold in Time Clickers iPhone

Proton Studio has launched Time Clickers as a new addictive clicker game on the apple store where you will be brought to equip your Click Pistol then build an elite team to collect gold in each stage

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Along the game, you will be assigned to collect gold, upgrade your click pistol and hire a team of elite sharp-shooters that will be helpful to beat the enemies at once

In this game, you will take a role as a head of a team of shooters shooting at blocks in a semi-virtual reality setting

Here, your main goal is to collect gold as much as you can
With this gold, you can build up a team of five clickers, that will be equipped with powerful weapons in which these weapons will be handy to get through bosses and hard challenges.

During the game, be sure to always upgrade your own Click Pistol.
Later on, you will deal with boss characters whereby you must keep the click pistol highly upgraded, as well as your Pulse Pistol team member, so that they can win the game

You will see that the time cubes will not pop up until wave 100 in each stage.
Once going through that wave they will start to come up infrequently
Each of them will give you an immediate boost in team DPS, to the tune of 10 percent.

With this Time Cubes, you can use it to unlock special abilities that will you give bonuses in DPS and firing speed as well
You can also change the colors of some blocks, increase the length of the boss timer, or increase the number of gold and even Time Cubes that you get.

In related to the gold, you will get gold from team
To get more gold, just set the time ahead by however long you want on your phone.
Then do it again with the time trick to maximize the insane quantity of gold you can earn.

If you get one of your team members turns orange, you will unlock a brand new ability, such as 2X firing speed, which of course means 2x damage per second, or extra splash damage that you can use to beat boss.

Be sure to shoot rainbow blocks and rainbow circles as they will simply give you a ton of gold.
Shooting the rainbow floating bubbles will also either give you a ton of gold
Always take a time to watch an advertisement video for double the amount of gold.


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