Tips to Get More Gold and Good in Farms & Castles iPhone

Square Enix has just launched Farms & Castles as a freemium game taht you can play both on ios and android devices.

farms and castles walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will simply build towering castles and farms by matching objects
Once doing so, you can harvest goods and get gold as you work your way from a lowly knight to a mighty emperor.

Early on the game, try to split your board in half that is one half for mines and the other for farms
By doing so, you will be able to place wood or grass items in the farm half and stones in the other.

When it is about to match objects, you should know how matches work
Doing this will learn you know what you will get when creating a match
In line with this, you must know that L shaped matches also work
And, diamond or V shape matches will not be counted here

Also, you have to learn when you start placing your elements on the board.
At this point, just place your first element in which the element that you create out of three will be placed where you put the third such as in 4th or 5th element
At the same time, you must also try to cover the sides of the boards and the corners first
You may be able to leave the central areas open for easy play.

As making a good progress, you will get goods and gold that you can use in the game
In accordance with this, if you wait for your board to be almost full, you will most likely fail even if you use orbs and goods.

To solve this, you must find the perfect moment and use the Goods for high level elements which come at a slower pace
Plus, using the lightning will be a good enough gold power-up.


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