Tips to Get More Gems for Stars and Spells in Angry Birds 2 iPhone

Angry Birds 2 from Rovio Entertainment is the recent series of Angry Birds series, a slingshot game which was popular on ios and android long time ago

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In this new series, you will play all of your bird buddies to beat a bunch of the little piggies using all kinds of attacks and strategies.

And, you will be given with an energy or lives meter
In line with this, you have to get this energy fast by doing a time lapse trick
At this point, just set the time on your phone by half an hour per life
Or, you can set two and a half hours for a full regeneration.

Afterwards, you can then go back to the game and your lives get your energy regenerated fully.
Be sure to set the time back to normal after doing that action and you will still keep all of your lives there.

Every bird in this game will come along with different talents
The red bird can emit an aura that pushes the nearby stack of blocks and cause a ton of damage and fill the destructo-meter.
You can do this when you do the second tap

The yellow one called Chuck, that is a strong against wood.
Blue one will be strong against ice, so you can split him into thirds at the right time to take out an entire stack of ice at ease.

As usual, you will be tasked to gain stars and gems, the premium currency of this game
In related to get three stars on an old stage, just go back later on after having more birds and more spells.

These new birds and spells will be available to you even on older stages
Besides, you can also use the new birds and other goodies to make it easier to get three-star in a level.

Later on, you will start your journey to get gems as the premium currency of this game
Here, you can play in the Arena when you gain level 25 which will unlock the PvP mode in this game.

Seemingly, this mode will be the daily quests that will allow you to earn more gems for free.
Once getting them just save them up for spells that can be used to beat the harder stages
In the mean time, you will also get to a point where you will face old-time style hard stages which are nearly impossible to beat.

When playing in a stage, you can take advantage of the spitting flowers
With these flowers, you can send your bird straight into them so that those flowers can spit your bird out exactly where you want them to go.

On the other side, they will also send pigs or other objects into the abyss or spit knocked-over objects that will guide them to hit pigs, or the rest of the fortification
You can use this method to beat the bosses in this game.

Meanwhile, you can also get two hits for the price of one out of Matilda, that is the white bomber egg.
In accordance with this line, you can fly her in low so that she flies back upward, then unleash the bomb at the lowest possible height.
At the same time, she can also smash into another part of the structure herself, that will contribute a bunch of additional damage to the structure in each stage.

For further, you will be in stage where you will have to beat the bosses
When it is about to do so, just look for the wedge holding all of the rocks onto the hill
Then, just try to blow it away that will send the rocks cascading onto the boss.
Next, you can then knock the boss straight into the pit that will beat it right away
Now, it is the time to collect your rewards that may be in form of gems or any another valuable stuff


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