Tips to Get More Gems Coins in Lara Croft Relic Run iPhone

Lara Croft: Relic Run from Square Enix has presented the all new action adventure for nostalgic Lara Croft lovers in which this game can be said as a three-lane endless runner game.

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Along the game, you will simply flip and dive and roll, leap onto planes and dive out through every environment

To guide Lara Croft, all you will do is to swipe up to jump, down to slide, left and right to change lanes or wall run.
In shooting sections, you simply tap on mutant lizard creatures to blast them out.

To add more thrilling on your adventure, you will sometimes get to drive a vehicle, ATV to get through beautiful and challenging environments.
Also, you will swing around on a vine and the controls will shift 90 degrees.

Along the way, you will also have to collect some coins scattered on your path
Moreover, you get to find out where the relics is, and achieve achievements.

Except coins, you will also have to grab some gems, the premium currency that will be handy to upgrade your tomb raider.
And, you can grind for hours to get them.

Here, you can complete achievements to collect various gold rewards.
So, just run through them and be aware of whats all available so not to miss out on any opportunities to get a bunch of rewards.

In related to the items, the first 6 items on the Store are one time use and will disappear after you have used them in the next run.
You can also upgrade the skills for permanent buff that will be the best investments.

For your initial start, you can use and improve are Pistols 350g, Powerups 1,085g, Coin Trials 1,750g and Clue Booster 1,085g.

Upgrading them will give you the biggest impact on speeding up the game progression
Later on, the further you get the better you will do for your performance

Moreover, to grab coins fast, you must get Coins Trials that will be the most important for maxing everything out as you will get coin faster.

To find Relics, you can search and get them hidden in dark location during a run.
Sometimes, they can be tricky to see in time in which they will speed up the completion and opening of different locations.

You can find them in Jungle Temple, where you will usually see them just after leafy areas where you need to jump.
And, you can also try to find them in Desert Ruins and Mountain Pass

On the other side, some outfits will also give you unique bonuses when you are wearing each of them in different locations.

At this point, wearing Stealth Suit will be good for reducing damage from enemy fire.
Bomber Pilot will speed up the completion of Relic findings.
Biker will be handy to get the highest score possible with making vehicle rides long and profitable.

In addition, you must also upgrade your pistol once or twice to make a big difference with performance in the Jungle Temple.
Be sure to save up for the Assault Rifle to get max damage when fully upgraded and the starting stats a good to when compared to Pistols.
You can also use the Grenade Launcher for certain situations.


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