Tips to Get More Credits in The Spatials Build A Space Station iPhone

Weird and Wry SL has presented a real-time combat with RPG elements in which this game is also to be the simulation of building a space station in a wild corner of the galaxy

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In this game, you will fight for survival by designing its rooms and corridors to attract hundreds of visitors then explore 30 star systems and more than a hundred planets

Also, you are tasked to complete missions for credits, the premium currency of this game and discover new allies and enemies then explore the surface of planets and asteroids

Besides, you must also gather up loot resources for your factories and equip your staff with the most advanced technology in the universe.

Along the game, your first focus is on space station building, where you will simply build up a thriving base in an uncharted section of the galaxy.

Early on the game, you will start with a teleporter room and five recruits
Then, you will work your way up to a sprawling asteroid station to support your ever-growing team of scientific professionals

And, your station can also attract and maintain an incoming wave of astro-tourists that will be the functional and economic aspects of a permanent space habitat.

This game seems to give a unique real-time combat system where the battle aspect takes place off-asteroid, on planets you choose to explore.

You and your recruited team of specialists will go for a long list of missions to complete
They will be vary form story-based assignments that open up new galaxies and opportunities to recurring bounties that grant you extra resources and equipment.

Every ground mission will allow up to five recruits to attend one from each class and it usually involves finding a specific artifact or wiping out a threat to the local inhabitants.

Here, you will go for real-time planet exploration, where you will be able to to wander freely by tapping to move your squad and get involved in battles by tapping on an enemy in which you will also be equipped with a number of skills at your disposal.

On the other side, each class will be a special, manually-activated skill to improve your armaments
Your engineers will also have powerful area of effect attacks
Meanwhile, Diplomats can impart slowing and other negative status effects
Moreover, Strategists can snipe enemies with high-powered weaponry
Along with them, Doctors and Scientists can regenerate your teammates’ health and skill-associated energy, respectively.

You are also equipped with other passive skills—such as health and regen boosts that can be customized and upgraded by finding or purchasing new skill equipment.

Furthermore, you will also be assigned to level up your team that you can do by sending any free officers on automatic away missions that will grant them more exp and equipment

In the mean time, you can assign officers to sit on galaxy’s embassies to improve the resources you earn from loaned extraction points.

This game will also show you a tech tree that offers hundreds of rooms and items to unlock and add to your station.
At the same time, be sure to balance resource earning, item production, and recruits’ needs that you will need to maintain a happy team and a thriving station.

In addition, by exploring each planet and beating enemies base, you can collect some resources from them
And, the most important thing is to get credits as much as you can as this will be only your supply to grow your planet into larger one


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